Car Share

We're running out of parking space! Plant an Extra Tree!

As we expand this event, to plant more trees, we face an insurmountable problem of parking space. There are no local options for more parking so we MUST limit the number of cars coming to the event. The best option, if you can't come by train or bus, is to share a car.

Therefore we have teamed up with GoCarShare and LiftShare to help encourage as many of you as possible to share car journeys by offering lifts. Just go to GoCarShare or LiftShare and add your journey, whether you are driving or looking for a lift, and they will match you with someone going the same way.

As an incentive we'll plant an extra tree for every person using a journey sharing scheme to get to the Forest Marathon.

  • Save Money by sharing the fuel costs.
  • Meet other runners or walkers.
  • Lessen Congestion.
  • Did you know that 70% of an event's carbon footprint is simply through you traveling to get there?
  • If you travel alone to the marathon by car, you are emitting approximately 10X the amount of CO2 than if you traveled to the marathon by bus and 3.5X as much as if you traveled by train. (Source: DEFRA July 2007 Report)
    Car Travel (avg sized petrol car)
    - 335 gram C02 per mile (Lone Driver)
    - 167.5 grams CO2 per passenger mile (2 in a car)
    - 111.5 grams CO2 per passenger mile (3 in a car)
    - 83.75 grams CO2 per passenger mile (4 in a car)
    Train Travel (National Rail diesel trains - avg passengers PA)
    - 96.32 grams CO2 per passenger mile
    Coach Travel (Avg PA figures of coach types and carriageways)
    - 32.88 grams CO2 per passenger mile.